Get Involved

No man, or woman, is an island. Nothing is worse than being isolated – except, being isolated and poor. Imagine a world where you didn’t get to spend time chatting to your friends, where you couldn’t save money and had to pay full price for everything. That’s a terrible thought!

Getting involved in the Seniors Discounts community means you’re never far from a friendly face, or a great deal. There are so many ways to be a part of the action, and to reap the benefits.

You can:

Hunt for Bargains – If you, like Jan, have an eye for a deal, why not find bargains in your local area? Share them with others in our online community, and help your fellow members save money wherever they go.

Write Reviews – Share your experiences and review businesses. Was Dave at the off-license helpful when you couldn’t decide which wine to try? Did your hairdresser cut off a little too much, or did you find that the young girl at the checkout hadn’t heard of the offer you were trying to redeem? Let everyone know, so they can see where it’s worth going and where it’s not.

Build your Reputation – The more you do for the Seniors Discounts community, the more people will sit up and pay attention. Become a trusted voice by earning points when you write a review or publish a discount. Save points, and build authority, as you help others save money. You’ll be a New Comer when you first sign up, but it doesn’t take long to start making your way up the ranks. Soon, you’ll be a Resident, then an Adviser, then a Community Leader and eventually an Ambassador – practice your salute, you’re on the way to the top!