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Ever caught yourself telling someone that money doesn’t grow on trees? It’s entirely true, so why not make it go further? You can save money by redeeming discounts and cashing in vouchers shared by us, our business partners and members, like you.



Picture a perfect world where you’re always amongst friends. That’s the world we offer here! Share the discounts you find, share your opinion and receive great discounts from other members and businesses of the Seniors Discounts community.



You love saving money, so start following members and businesses to get all their latest discounts. Follow those in your local area, keep in touch and build a community of bargain hunters both online and close to where you live. 

Save Money and Get Involved

In union there is strength. . . and a bounty of discounts!

Jan, our resident bargain hunter is a big believer in strength in numbers. That’s why she wants you to join her in uncovering bargains and sharing them amongst other like minded bargain hunters in the Seniors Discounts community.

By joining Seniors Discounts you can:

» Redeem Discounts to Save Money
» Hunt for Bargains and Share them with Friends
» Let your voice be heard and Write Reviews
» Connect and natter with other members
» Build your Reputation

Who is Jan?

Grandmother. Adventurer. Bargain Hunter.

Janet Parker, better known as Jan, loves nothing more than seeking out special offers. If there’s a good deal to be found, you can be sure Jan will find it. She can’t resist sharing offers with her friends, or browsing Seniors Discounts with her morning cup of coffee.

Jan firmly believes that two heads are better than one, and that two-hundred are better than two! She knows that she can enjoy any discount on her own, but if she shares them with others they’ll all get the benefit. In return, she gets the chance to use the discounts and promotions her friends have found at their local shops, on the internet and in newspapers.

Jan’s children are now parents themselves, and she doesn’t know where the years have gone. She’s got five grandchildren including eight-year-old Millie who lives like a princess and five-year old Ben who loves stomping on her flowers. She’s constantly on the go, looking after the kids and finding time to enjoy her weekly yoga class. She loves gardening, driving her car to the coast and visiting local car boot sales before an afternoon at the swimming pool.

The grandchildren know that a visit to granny’s house is one that’s full of fun. When she can tear herself away from her PC, she’s ready to take them to the park or for a day at the zoo. It’s chaotic, and it gets expensive, but Jan loves the fact that an hour online could save her a tidy sum of money.

Jan’s long-suffering husband certainly knows his place – he was amazed when she took to the web after a short course at her local library, but now he loves seeing the household budget under such strict control. He’s happy to accompany Jan wherever she goes – especially when she promises a pint at the pub when the bargain-hunting is done!

Find out more about Jan by following her and have a natter. You can keep up to date with the latest discounts she’s sharing with the community, and add your own to be a part of the fun.