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uSwitch is a free, impartial online and telephone comparison and switching service that helps you to compare prices on a range of products and services.

We can help you save money on gas and electricity, heating cover, home phone, communications, insurance and personal finance products. Our aim is to help you take advantage of the best prices and services on offer from suppliers.

There are many ways uSwitch can help you save money - here's ten of our best.
- Save up to £400 on your car insurance
- Save up to £65 on your home insurance renewal
- Find your perfect credit card
- Bundle your home phone, TV and broadband to save £321
- Get a cheaper landline
- Cut your mobile phone bills down to size
- Swap your current account
- Get some advice on energy efficiency
- Find out if you could save with a water meter
- Save your business money with

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  Switching Again.
Derek Bentley-August 13, 2017
Recommend? Yes
I have switched power supplies three times in the past 18 months based on U Switch information. I had no problems as they do all the work involved and I've saved a fair amount on my monthly dd. I have used them on TV/Broadband offers too, they offer a fair selection for you to choose from. They are also helpful and informative if you phone them.
  Cheaper energy bills
Susan -June 22, 2016
Recommend? Yes
I filled in my details to see if I could save some money on my electricity. Immediately a lady called Tara called me and after giving her details about my electricity supplier and Bill's. She gave me a quote From a supplier whos rates are more favorable. I switched to them immediately and fingers crossed we will soon be saving a considerable sum.