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Lands’ End Way, Oakham
LE15 6US
From small beginnings in Chicago - selling yachting equipment, duffle bags, the occasional jumper here and there - we’ve grown into a multi-channel mail order company that today delivers outstanding ranges of own-brand clothing, footwear and outerwear with first-class service to customers all around the world. Our global HQ is in rural Wisconsin, USA.

Would it surprise to you to discover that we’re not actually named after our Cornish namesake? As many have pointed out over the years, the apostrophe is in the wrong place for a start - but that’s a tale in itself!

Since 1993 we’ve served the UK from the heart of the country in equally rural Rutland, where our European head office comprises a state-of-the-art distribution centre, call centre and outlet store. More than that, it’s home to the 400-plus hard-working people who are dedicated to making sure your first and every Lands’ End experience surpasses all expectations - buyers, sales advisors, pickers, packers, hemmers, catalogue production teams, and a whole host of others.

Our late founder was a world-class sailor and award-winning advertising copywriter. As he set about realising his dream of starting a business off his own back in 1963, he wanted his company’s name to reflect the sense of adventure he was feeling... the excitement of sailing into waters unknown. Lands’ End fitted the bill.

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