Tesco Clubcard

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Clubcard gets you get the most of Tesco. It's our way of giving you something back for doing you shopping with us.

Collect points each time you shop and scan your Clubcard. We’ll add these up and once you’ve reached 150 points, you will start to receive vouchers with your Clubcard statement.

Its easy to join and start enjoying the benefits of being a Clubcard member.

Follow the link below, tell us what you like and how you would like to be contacted and we will send you your Clubcard.

Once you have joined you can create your 'My Clubcard Account' to manage your Clubcard online.

This will enable you to:

- Check your points balance.
- Print your vouchers and coupons.
- Update your personal details & preferences.
- Check how your fuel savings are adding up.


  Beware of Two Together Railcards
Charles Baldwin-January 7, 2015
Recommend? No
Having looked into Two Together Cards it appears that both parties have to travel together at all times. Therefore if one person is unable having purchased these joint tickets it appears that both tickets would be invalidated and useless, causing a possible serious financial loss.

I would recommend Senior Railcards instead, although there is the cost of purchasing two cards, there is no financial loss to a remaining traveller if their travelling partner cannot attend. The discount rates are both the same.
  Railcard purchase via Tesco Clubcard
Roger Nicholls-December 9, 2014
Recommend? No
I would suggest caution in purchasing the Two Together Railcard via Tesco Clubcard.

Railcards cost £30, so using £15 of Tesco Clubcard vouchers means that you only get 2X value from your Clubcard Vouchers. Sometimes it's possible to buy Railcards at less than £30, which means that the Clubcard vouchers gain even less than 2X their face value.

Other Clubcard deals can be purchased where the Clubcard vouchers work out at 3X face value or sometimes even 4X value. i.e. £15 of Clubcard vouchers buys something that costs £60. Earlier this year there was an offer where £25 of Clubcard vouchers provided a £100 discount off Cottages 4U self-catering holiday rentals, which we took advantage of.
  Not such a big saving
marie wallace-November 20, 2014
Recommend? No
I have noticed that the cost of fuel at Tesco is more expensive than at other supermarkets, so there is no real savings to be made. I do not spend enough to get the full 20p off, so usually don't bother to redeem the offer.
  Beware of cuts made and cuts to come
-November 19, 2014
Recommend? Yes
The value of clubcard points has already been reduced, you only now get 1 point for every £2 spent on fuel,and no longer get clubcard points or boosts on any insurance products bought from Tesco. In the near future due to financial pressure Tesco is looking at the sale of some parts of the business, landbanks, some store closures and the clubcard business ( run by a separate company on behalf of Tesco ) and financial products too are all likely to come under scrutiny.
  Rail Cards from Tesco Points
Dee Camps-August 5, 2014
Recommend? Yes
Great Idea, we saved up our points vouchers and now have a railcard each, lots of train trips this year and hope to carry on next year. We always try to go off peak and with the discount its a big saving .
  This Railcard pays for itself very quickly
Christine England-August 4, 2014
Recommend? Yes
This Tesco voucher scheme is good value as usually the Senior Railcard costs £30. The card is easy to obtain (no ID photo required and for anyone 60 or over. It is easy to use, including for online booking, and gets you a third off the off-peak rail fares on all the train lines. Within a couple of journeys the card will usually pay for itself.Important tips:

1. Remember to have it ready to show during the journey as well as when booking at a ticket office. Online you just tick a box.
2. Be sure to check what counts as