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Argos is the UK's leading digital retailer, offering more than 33,000 products through, its growing mobile channels, stores, over the telephone and uniquely, through Argos TV.

Argos continues to be the UK's largest high street retailer online with over 430 million website visits annually. Argos serves around 130 million customers a year through its network of 740 stores.

In the financial year to February 2012, Argos sales were £3.9 billion and it employed some 31,000 people across the business.

Argos is part of Home Retail Group, the UK's leading home and general merchandise retailer.

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  What price customer service
Geoff Bostock-January 23, 2015
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On Monday afternoon on the 12th January I started to order a Whirlpool washing machine catalogue number 279/2574 on the Argos website. The offer included next day delivery and recycling of the item being replaced.

An error in the website meant that standard delivery was being added to the order. An attempt to contact Argos Customer Services was abandoned after 15 minutes through no answer. A second attempt the following morning was abandoned after 20 minutes again through no answer. A third attempt in the early evening resulted in an answer after 15 minutes, a check on the website and a further wait of 20 minutes for someone to take my order with delivery arranged for Friday morning.

It was delivered on the Friday 16th January at midday.

On unpacking, I found it to be dented on the front and reported it to your customer services

I was told there were no further machines available and as it was not included in the next catalogue (out on Saturday 17th January) I was asked to choose an alternative, so it was arranged for him to call back in an hour when I had had time to check on what was available.

On checking Argos website I found that the same model I wanted was available at six local stores cat no 281/9897 (for collection) - in fact I was able to reserve one at the nearest store (2 miles away) - reservation no 947902 and available for “Delivery Install & Recycle” cat no 281/1493 via the website.

When customer services rang back I was informed that they could not supply a replacement even though as I pointed out the readily availability of stock locally - “couldn't be done” but I could collect it myself from the store.

Disgusted by his take it or leave it attitude, I asked for a refund and arranged for the collection of the faulty machine on Tuesday 20th January.

On checking the Argos website, I note that that the washing machine (and all its options with the same catalogue numbers) ARE AVAILABLE but have had the “sale” discount removed.

Having no confidence in Argos sales tactics I will vote with my feet.

------------------------------ To continue --------------------------------------------------

On Monday evening 19th January, I had a phone call from Argos Customer Services trying to resolve the outstanding problem.

Still suggesting that I order a substitute, but unable to fully explain when Argos is not Argos in that when there are 6 washing machine of the type I'd ordered and paid for within a 10 mile radius, but because there was none in the “central depot” umpteen miles away they could not deliver one. I could still collect one from the local Argos outlet and pay an extra £190.00 or so for the privilege as the price changed on Saturday 17th January with the issuing of the new catalogue.

Looking through the website, she offered to call back at lunchtime on the 20th January to give me time to look through possible alternatives. This she did but unable to find a matching product I asked her for a refund as I have lost confidence in Argos.

Argos took the money and cannot fulfill their end of the contract even though I could still reserve the machine online and now want to welch on the deal because their business model cannot cope with the situation.

I am concerned what would happen if I opted for a substitute washing machine and it developed a serious fault and there was none left at the “central depot” - how would I cope ? The washing is piling up now what would happen then ?

I notice the new service being offered by Argos (or is it Argos) in that using a site named SHUTL you can get items delivered from an Argos outlet to your home. A two man team with a van can deliver on a two hourly time slot from my local Argos outlet (2 miles away) for the princely sum of £12.00. Perhaps someone could inform staff at Argos of this service as appears LOCAL DELIVERIES CAN BE DONE and the amount of time and effort spent on this far exceeds the any cost involved.

“Acting responsibly is of course the right thing to do, but at Home Retail Group we believe it makes good business sense too” - wise words pity they are just words.