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Tesco Direct, the home of Tesco's range of electrical appliances, home furnishings, toys and loads more non-grocery products available at everyday low prices with fast delivery and clubcard points.

Because we want to give you a wider range of products and brands than we've ever had before, all in one place and at great low prices.

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  Tesco Boost best for families
Carole White-December 21, 2013
Recommend? Yes
Probably best for families, but have used for wine.
Jill Montgomery-December 17, 2013
Recommend? No
Not much use if you don't have a young family. Even the wine and spirits are only available on "Finest" category. Really disappointing Tesco!
  Limited Tesco Exchange Categories
John PALMER-December 16, 2013
Recommend? No
A great pity that the benefit of 'Boost' is restricted almost entirely to things I don't want to buy. If there is a benefit to be had, then Tesco should make it available to all Clubcard members and not to those wanting to shop in the very limited categories they offer. Children's clothes, electrical products etc are not as important to most people as the everyday necessity of food, and it seems discrimatory to offer benefit only to those who can afford the luxury (and presumably the most profitable) end of Tesco's range.
  Value for Money
patricia mcentee-May 2, 2013
Recommend? Yes
Great value for money.