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Nicotine looks like a good candidate as a brain pill. Only, it might be called ‘smart patch’. Or maybe ‘memory patch’?

Thu Apr 24 09:30:42 2014

Our members would be interested. What kind of samples do yo need? Videos, photos or written stories? @TheKingsFund

Thu Apr 24 07:44:29 2014

We agree @Age_NI. Older people deserves respect, love & care. After all, we're all going to get old. It's time for change, time to act!

Thu Apr 24 07:44:27 2014

@LifeDeathGrief That's great! We'll wait for your updates. Thanks! :)

Thu Apr 24 00:26:53 2014

@AgeAction what services do you suggest?

Wed Apr 23 09:09:13 2014