Janet Parker
Cheshire, England
Hi, I’m Jan! Clement Attlee was Prime Minister when I was born, and the UK number 1 hit was The Tennessee Waltz. Fast-forward five decades and things have changed a lot. I don’t know the number 1 hit, though. I’ll have to ask my grandson Jack. As for the prime minister these days, well, my liking for him and his government fluctuates, but his wife is all right. My daughter owns a hair salon so we’re often in on who’s nicely dressed or not, and the PM’s wife is good in that score.

My son’s the manager of a branch of his local bank. He’s mainly the reason how I’m here on SD. He was constantly telling me I could do more to save money for my ‘twilight years’, so I took a course at my local library and got myself online to see what all the fuss was about. This site is great at keeping me informed! I’m Adviser here now, on my way to becoming Ambassador. Lofty title, but I love sharing information and chatting to new friends, find discounts and deals, that sort. Who knew this bewildering Internet thing can be so useful! I’ve even found a good friend I hadn’t spoken to since school! She shared a few useful discounts, and we’re trying to outdo each other now. Discounts are addicting!

Saving money is always great, but especially in our age. I love dining out with my husband. We get deals on that, and on holidays and day trips! And of course, for my grocery shopping. The more I can get for my money, the better! I prefer keeping money near to heart for my babies.

The grandkids keep me busy. Sandra’s got Millie and her little brother Ben, and my son has the twins Elliot and Devon and their big brother Jack. Jack loves his computer games and teaches me point-and-click tricks on my bargain hunting every day, and Elliot and Devon are fantastic little dancers. Millie’s a delicate little girl and her brother’s the total opposite. These kids give me a workout sitting down!

Drop a line or follow me to keep in touch. I’m not that much of a know-it-all. People like me and I like people (although I might not always be nice-- who is?!).

If you don’t hear from me straight away, assume I’m with the kids at the local duck pond – Elliot and Devon are always after the swans!

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